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Perfumed Laundry Detergent Intense 50ml

Perfumed Laundry Detergent Intense 50ml

Inspiration : very marked scent in its masculinity. The patchouli is intoxicating and heady, the leathery note gives a biting relief to the composition, still powerfully supported by a beautiful amber.

Raw materials :

Heart notes : Leather, Patchouli

Base notes  : Oak moss, warm Amber

Intensity Antoine : 10

Format : exists in discovery format 50ml / 3 doses, 250ml / 10 doses or regular format 750ml / 30 doses.

Formulated in Paris, made in Hauts-de-France, France.

Detergent 3 times concentrated, formula specifically developed for Antoine in order to preserve the diffusion of the perfume during washing and ensure its hold on dry laundry; a single dispenser per machine is sufficient to wash and embalm the laundry.

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