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Dry Shampoo Breeze 200ml

Dry Shampoo Breeze 200ml

ELLIPS Dry Shampoo Breeze is a light spray for hair when it is not possible to wash the hair with a regular shampoo, i.e. y. no water, no illness, no time or traveling.

Especially suitable for oily hair at the end of the day or from one wash to the next;

Gives hair fluff and volume, restores vitality;

It has antibacterial properties and antistatic effect, which gently smoothes shaggy hair;

Does not leave product residue and does not create a matte effect on any hair color;

The tool has no fixation;

100% vegan. Not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin;

Gluten-free, parabens;

Can be used during both pregnancy and lactation;

Suitable for both men and women.


Shake the bottle well before use;

When spraying, hold the vial upright, do not invert, as this will last longer;

Spray dry hair while holding the bottle at a distance of 30 cm from the hair;

Lift the hair in strands and spray along the roots with short, quick clicks;

Leave on for a few minutes, then comb your hair thoroughly and style as you like.

Can be useful. Dry for cold air with a blower dryer.


Odor of marine ozone.

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