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Hair Vitality Hair Vitamins 50 pcs

Hair Vitality Hair Vitamins 50 pcs

Nourishes brittle and rough hair, helps restore elasticity and vitality.

Recommended for unruly, coarse and frizzy hair of all types.

Vitamins with argan seed oil, ginseng, honey and vitamins A, C, E, Pro B5 are designed for rough, brittle, unmanageable, as well as dry and frizzy hair.

The ginseng, honey and other active ingredients in the composition richly nourish and strengthen the structure of the hair, improving its appearance and texture. Hair becomes softer and smoother, pleasant to the touch, easier to style.

Protects hair from heat (up to 220 C) emitted by hair dryers, tongs for straightening or curling hair, and also has protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Thanks to the innovative formula, the product does not make the hair greasy or heavy.

Does not leave any sticky feeling, absorbs quickly.

Recommended for unruly, coarse and frizzy hair of all types.

If necessary, it is suitable for daily use, but if possible, it is recommended to use it alternately with other applied hair vitamins, because overfed hair can become heavy and look unattractive.

The degradable capsule is environmentally friendly.

Very convenient to use: 1 capsule - 1 time - 1 ml.

Suitable for everyday use and travel.

Suitable for both men and women.

Hair Vitality vitamins contain honey, so people allergic to this ingredient should avoid using these vitamins. If you notice any allergic reactions and/or side effects, stop using the products and contact your doctor or healthcare professional for further instructions.


30 seconds will be enough for this beauty procedure.

Wash your hair as usual using your favorite products.

Dry the hair slightly, but leave it damp.

Pour out the contents of the capsule and spread it on the palm of your hand.

Gently apply to selected, but still damp, hair along its entire length. Starting from the ends of the hair, apply the vitamins evenly throughout the length of the hair. Hair roots do not need to be applied.

Let the hair dry naturally for about 10 minutes. After that, dry as usual and style your favorite hairstyle.

Store topical vitamins in a warm, dry place so that the capsule softens and the tip can be broken off with your hands. If the capsule is hard, you can cut its tip with cosmetic scissors.

Package 50x1ml.

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