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All Natural Lash Serum 3,5ml

All Natural Lash Serum 3,5ml

All Natural serum for lashes nourishing and conditioning

Based on plant extracts (Baicapil, Kerastim) and copper peptides.

Rich composition of natural plant extracts: soy & wheat germ sprouts, ginseng, gotu kola and baical sculcalp with copper peptide complex stimulate eye lash regeneration and growth. Make them stronger, healthier and more resistant to breaking.

Serum helps boost the appearance of eyelashes with a simple once a day application. 

In 6-8 weeks, lashes will appear more beautiful and thicker-looking.

Active ingredeints stimulates hair growth:

Biologically effective copper-peptides: GHK-Cu (glycyl-l-histidyl-l-lysine copper)

GHK (GHK-Cu) Has been shown in multiple scientific studies to possess significant biological benefits to the human body. Some of these benefits which have already been proven through many research studies worldwide are the following:

• strongly stimulates hair grow

• allows epidermal stem cells to repair damaged skin.

• anti-oxidant & anti - inflammatory effects

• stimulation of new collagen in aging skin

• anti-aging benefits for photo-aged & wrinkled skin

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