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Long Wear Liquid Foundation FLW3NB (cool) 5ml

Long Wear Liquid Foundation FLW3NB (cool) 5ml

MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS Long-lasting (48 h) toning base FLW3NB - Ultra Beige Nude - Long-lasting, water-resistant toning powder with SPF-6 protection factor, which creates a stable coating and matte effect for a long time. It hides skin imperfections due to the dense texture and uniform coverage. MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS Long-lasting (48 h) toning base FLW3NB - Ultra Beige Nude heat and moisture resistant. Ideal for combination and oily skin.

Make-Up Atelier Paris is a leading professional make-up and make-up cosmetics company, founded in 1986 by the famous make-up artist Elen Kije.

It is a professional cosmetics brand exported worldwide. What is the secret to success? This brand offers an exceptionally wide range of top-level products that meet all the requirements of the cosmetics industry today. Delicate texture, high-tech pigmented shadows and blushes, gel textures, especially resistant to any impact formulas. And all this is presented in French elegant packaging. These are cosmetics - for those who are looking for the highest quality.

Make-up Atelier Paris cosmetics are professional decorative cosmetics for professionals and those who want to become such. Try and see for yourself the quality and durability of these cosmetics.

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