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Active “ANTI-ACNE” serum is the first line of defense against acne as it has potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effect. It can effectively dry out new pimples and prevent bacteria from multiplying on the skin. The serum is suitable for all skin types and does not contain any aggressive preser..
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Do you feel that your skin is tired and sensitive? The B5 RECOVERY serum is a great solution to help her recover. The active ingredients are balanced to help maintain the natural regeneration processes that take place in your skin.Due to the effective combination of provitamin B5 and hyaluronic ..
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Balance3 Cream 40ml
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Supercharged calming and restoring moisturizer for problematic skin.Supercharged moisturizer with willow bark extract for sensitive, combination or oily skin. Willow bark extract helps to prevent new blemishes and fights imperfections.The cream has a light texture, does not clog pores, contains alla..
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Cell Booster Cream 50ml
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An innovative moisturizing and firming cream with a patented peptide complex.The light cream texture does not clog pores and intensely moisturizes the skin without aggravating it. Peptides tighten and restructure the upper layer of the skin, with a peptide complex. The light cream texture does not c..
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The optimal pH of the cleanser creates an unfavorable medium for the growth of bacteria on the skin surface, and a balanced concentration of acids does not irritate the facial skin and does not cause redness.The smart cleanser adapts to the individual needs of the skin.Extremely clean composition, r..
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The azelaic acid cleanser is intended for daily skin care. The minimalist formula with azelaic acid (2.5%), gluconolactone (2.0%) and allantoin (0.4%) is focused towards skin prone to redness.Suitable for all skin types.Main active ingredient: Azelaic acidPure compositionpH 4.8Helps to strengthen ca..
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The minimalist formula with willow extract has a positive effect on the general condition of the skin. The thick consistency serum effectively moisturizes and gives a matte effect. Suitable for various skin types, especially combination and oily.The main active ingredient is  willow extract. &n..
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Pamper your skin with hydration from the depths of the sea. Revitalizing, moisturizing, lifting serum with the active ingredient Fucoreverse PF extracted from seaweed (1.5%). This innovative ingredient helps to restore and maintain the structure and firmness of the skin.The properties of the ingredi..
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